How to Contribute

Improving the docs

Changing one file

Small changes can be made by editing files on github directly. This is what to do if you need to make a change to only a single file.

  1. Choose Edit on Github
  1. Make your change.
  2. Commit as a branch
  1. Create a pull request to master.
  1. Hit the green button to merge that pull request and then delete your branch.


Docs will be built and published immediately. The process takes about three minutes. Watch the Juice Slack #ci-cd channel for success notifications.

Adding Todos

If you see something that requires specific improvement but don’t have the knowledge or time to handle yourself, you can add a todo directive.

This looks like this:

.. todo:: Show screenshots of the different options.

All todos show up on the list below.

Bigger changes

If you’re working with more than one file or adding images, you’ll need to clone the docs and create a PR. Use the juicebox-docs readme to get started.



Describe how there are no flavors of Orbit and it needs a custom data service.

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