Client Dashboard


This will be replaced by the new Client Dashboard. Read more here.

The client dashboard allows client admins to see usage as well as current invitations and users. This page provides some very simple controls, but more detailed work like setting the exact user.extra value and what applications a user should be able to see must be done either with a Citrus integration or in the Juicebox Admin.

If a user is a client admin, they can get to the client dashboard by going to the user tools dropdown.


The Client Dashboard looks like this.


The dashboard contains three sections; Usage, Invitations and Manage Users.


This shows some statistics about how apps are performing. Total page loads is the total number of times users loaded the app. Unique users is the number of users who have used the app in the time period.


Clicking on an app name takes you to a page showing details for that specific app.


This section shows all currently outstanding invitations. You can see the apps that users will have access too when they accept their invitation. Clicking on the permissions button shows the user.extra that this user will have.

Resend will send the user a reminder to accept the invitation. Remove will remove this invitation.

Manage users

This section shows all currently active users. You can dig deeper by looking at their usage in the last 30 days. Clicking remove will make this user inactive and unable to log in.