Before We Begin

What We’re Building: The NFL App

In this tutorial, we are going to build an interactive application that uses data we’ve collected from to explore details about NFL player contracts.

One of the hardest parts about working with data is ingesting and cleaning it. Usually intricate systems are built to take data from its source and transform it into something we can use. Luckily, in the NFL app the data is already in our database and ready to be used.

Throughout this tutorial, we will see the ways in which Juicebox allows the creation of powerful data stories.


There are a few tools you will need access to and basic familiarity with in order to effectively follow this tutorial and begin developing with Juicebox:

  • git and/or GitHub Desktop for managing your app’s code repository.
  • An IDE for writing and editing code. PyCharm is widely used for application development at Juice. While it isn’t a requirement for building Juicebox apps, using PyCharm may help our team support you in troubleshooting should any troubles arise.
  • Devlandia, the Juicebox development environment that will allow you to host, manage and test your app locally.


Throughout this tutorial we reference The Census app. While working through the upcoming exercises, you may want to have that code handy (perhaps in separate window or tab) so that you can follow along with ease.

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