Slice Reference


This help should be accurate and comprehensive. If you see anything missing or that needs to be fixed, see How to Contribute or let us know in the Juice Slack #documentation channel.

This is a collection of recipes and examples that describe the files in a Juicebox app.

Built-in slices

Slice What it looks like Shortcuts
Global Filters  
Bubble ../../../_images/bubble.png
Card Slice ../../../_images/card-default.png
Distribution ../../../_images/distribution-default.png
Flower ../../../_images/flower-default.png
Free Form ../../../_images/freeform-default.png

Key Metrics Hierarchy


This is sometimes called the “squid” slice.

Leaderboard ../../../_images/leaderboard-default.png
Lollipop ../../../_images/lollipop-singledimension.png
Matchup ../../../_images/matchup-default.png
Map ../../../_images/map-default.png
Nine Box ../../../_images/ninebox-dualmetric.png
Option Chooser ../../../_images/optionchooser-default.png
Orbit ../../../_images/orbit-default.png

Ranked List (Deprecated)


Deprecated, support will drop in jb4. Use ranked list v2 instead.

Ranked List v2 ../../../_images/ranked-list-v2.gif
Sankey ../../../_images/sankey-bilevel.png
Table ../../../_images/table-default.png
Trend ../../../_images/trend-ranged.png